Urban IT works with a wide variety of companies of varying sizes and with different needs. However, over years of having many clients in legal, accounting and healthcare in particular, we have become specialized and adept at handling the unique challenges that law firms, accounting firms and healthcare companies face. From SOC audits to HIPAA certifications, we will guide your firm through the red tape and regulations that can seem daunting.

Legal Law

firms are required to adhere to the Federal Regulations on Civil Procedures (FRCP) dealing with electronically stored information. You must know which data can be requested and have it catalogued, searchable and ready given a specific timeframe. Urban IT has the most current products, tools and knowhow your firm might need for data storage, archiving email and complying with FRCP.


Small and mediumsized accounting firms are heavily dependent on a wellrun IT solutions platform. From data backups to email archives to virus protection, we’ve got you covered so you are off and running through tax season and beyond. Our specialists can recommend topoftheline hardware for your employees and ensure that it stays uptodate with virus protection. We are also familiar with the specific standards that CPA firms must use for SOC audits. We know the information technology controls and processes required in order to participate in an SOC engagement and can assist your firm in meeting the professional standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


Manufacturing companies have IT tightly connected to their production time, any time the system is down, it’s money down the drain. Our rapid response team can quickly mobilize to get your IT systems up and running as fast as possible. In addition to offering helping virus protection services, we can remotely monitor your servers and offer virtual support if needed.


We specialize in helping clients in the healthcare industry with their particular needs and requirements. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created the national standard for ensuring all patient data be protected. Any company dealing with protected health information must verify that there are physical, technical and administrative safeguards in place. We are HIPAA compliant, certified and have the experience to audit your current system for compliance or establish new networks or protocols for your company to follow.